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Hey there/你好,  
I'm Jiani Chen !
Stitching Elegance into User Experiences: Embarking on a Transformative Journey from Fashion Design to Mastering the Art of Intuitive and Engaging UX/UI Design, Blending Aesthetic Sophistication with Digital Innovation.
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​iHealth and Wellness Foundation 

Optimizing Survey Interfaces for Complex Diseases Patients

Overhaul the Clinical Trial Matching Survey to simplify the journey for patients, ensuring straightforward survey completion and accurate matches with the right clinical trials.

Thomson Reuters

Creating B2B Customer Success Platform with 100K+ Users

Developing features and tools to bring more convenience and create an effective self-service experience for professionals to use on TR customer account.    

Tierra Mia Coffee

Designing an Online Order Experience for

a Local Cafe Shop   

Crafted a cafe website featuring a responsive design tailored for busy city commuters. This platform caters to customers with limited time, streamlining their experience by minimizing wait times for in-store orders.

Hinge In-app Feature

Online Dating Application Design

Experience a fun, interactive, and safe virtual dating feature within the Hinge app designed to help people connect with their potential partners.

​Wayfarer Community

All-in-One Travel Application for Backpackers

Wayfarer is designed to help the backpacker find their perfect destination through the engagement of other traveler’s past experiences. 

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