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Hey there/你好,  
I'm Jiani Chen !
Stitching Elegance into User Experiences: Embarking on a Transformative Journey from Fashion Design to Mastering the Art of Intuitive and Engaging UX/UI Design, Blending Aesthetic Sophistication with Digital Innovation.
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Thomson Reuters

Website Design & Responsive Design

Designing features and tools to bring more convenience and create an effective self-service experience for professionals to use on TR customer account.    

Tierra Mia Coffee

Full Website Redesign & Responsive Design

Redesigning a cafe website for people that in the city who have trouble finding essential information like hours, menu, or space availability. 

Hinge In-app Feature

Online Dating Application Design & Web Mobile Development 

Virtual dating feature within the Hinge app to help people connect with their potential partners. 

​Wayfarer Community

Backpacker Travel Application Design 

Wayfarer is designed to help the backpacker find their perfect destination through the engagement of other traveler’s past experiences. 

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