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Professional Background

UX/UI Designer leveraging 7 years of fashion design experience across independent fashion collections and a Certificate in UX/UI from University of California, Berkeley Extension to create application interface and website functionalities.

Focus on emphasizing detail-oriented wireframes and prototyping for the projects in XD/Figma/Sketch, such as Hinge app virtual dating feature design and the local cafe shop web redesign.

Skilled at providing front-end development in basic HTML/CSS. Driven by patience, design thinking, problem-solving and collaborative processes to deliver outcomes under deadlines in a fast paced environment. Attracted to UX design because I’m able to apply innovative solutions in a user-centric approach to provide value and positively impact people’s lives. 

Things I love


Love traveling, have completed an around-the-world tour in 10 countries, 20 cities for 100 days in 2018.

Travel enriches my life experience to know different people with various types of culture. It expanded my perspective, got in touch with myself and also taught me to overcome challenges bravely.


Have a passion with drawing and illustration with multiply materials ever since as a child and will keep doing it in my lifetime.

It created a peaceful, enjoyable place where I can stay alone for a moment from crowded world.


Fall in love with anaerobic exercise, dancing and snorkeling. Fitness gave me daily energy, self-confidence and optimistic life outlook.  

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good” from George St Pierre, and it is absolutely true! 

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