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Hey, it is nice to meet you !

A little bit about myself

As a UX designer with a unique background in fashion design, I blend aesthetic elegance with digital innovation to create intuitive and engaging user experiences. My journey in fashion design sharpened my eye for detail and beauty, which I now apply to the digital realm, ensuring every user interface is not only functional but also visually captivating.


My expertise lies in transforming product requirements into tangible user experiences. Collaborating closely with content designers and developers, I produce high-quality UX designs, using a variety of tools and techniques like flows, wireframes, and prototypes. My process involves designing user interface screens that ensure fluid transitions and engaging interactions, always aiming to enhance user engagement.


I’m dedicated to maintaining consistent design patterns and working alongside visual/UI designers to establish a coherent visual identity that supports the user experience. My methodology is heavily influenced by design thinking and problem-solving, with a focus on iterative design influenced by user feedback. This approach, combined with my understanding of front-end development and ability to work under tight deadlines, allows me to create designs that not only meet but exceed user expectations and add real value to people's lives.

Things I love to do

I love traveling, have been to many different places, and have completed an around-the-world tour to 10+ countries, 20+ cities in 100 days in 2018.


Travel experience enriches my life by getting to know different people with various types of culture. It broadens my vision, and teaches me how to overcome challenges with a brave heart. Here are some of the best moments during my journey.

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