Tierra Mia Coffee

Full Website Redesign & Responsive Design



Tierra Mia Coffee Company is a famous specialty coffee retailer and roaster that operates fifteen retail locations in California. The company roasts all of its coffee bakes and its pastry offering sold its stores. However, we discovered that Tierra Mia Coffee website lacks enough information and provides an inefficient and unpleasant user experience without any interaction design. In order to increase traffic and build up trust, we redesigned the website with features so that people can place orders, search locations and hours, see reviews and so on. At the same time, we built responsive web design for people who can't access their desktop or tend to use mobile. 


Performed the roles as UX/UI designer in a 3-member team.

Mainly in charge of designing wireframing, user Interfaces, prototyping & interactions/visuals.


Survey and Interview Takeaways

  • 84% of participants regularly go to a cafe.  

  • Almost 1/2 of participants think drinks or food are the most important in a coffee shop.

  • The primary demand for information people look for on coffee website is menu, while Terrie Mia doesn't have menu, even without too much information about their products.

  • Popular apps they use: 

    • ​Maps

    • Yelp 

    • Starbucks 

  • Thoughts from users

    • The website overall is too simple, not welcoming and interesting. It doesn't have branding information and great UI design, so users are hard to be attracted without seeing its voice and tone.  


User Personas

Based on research data, interview observations and online survey, we defined our user persona Jacob to help cultivate the next stage of ideation. 

Here is the our User persona Jacob

Here is the our User persona Jacob


Updated Storyboard.jpg


Feature Prioritization

We conducted an I like / I wish / What if activity which is a structured way of organizing feedback that is gathered from our testing sessions.

We picked up the most feasible and impactful features that we would like to incorporate into our website.

Card Sorting & Site Map Redesign

We used open card sorting exercise to define our categories in navigation, so it can provide options for users to find goal and needs quickly on the website. In terms of the result of card sorting, site map was finalized and structured with a list of pages of a web site.

​ Above is Card Sorting Process

Above is the Card sorting process

We built the site map to have a clear information structure

We built the Site map to have a clear information structure 

Paper Sketch & Wireframes

Here is the paper sketch
Here is the paper sketch
Here is the paper sketch
Here is the paper sketch

Here is the Paper sketch we drew


Low Fidelity Prototyping 

This is low fidelity prototyping

This is the low fidelity prototyping that I made


This is the Moodboard that I made


Design System

For the sake of improving website readability, we tested three different color blindness visions to see if the UI style is still accessible for these types of people. Below result shows that the button styles can be identified and images are clear enough to be recognized even the color palettes look very different compared to the original one. 

Style Tile (1).jpg

 We wanted to convey the classic and modern style across the whole website, so we chose Roboto, Montserrat and Avenir as our main font styles.  We use warm toned photos, modernized illustration and linear icons to convey healthy and clean brand culture. In addition, the original logo is kept into new website as it fits overall the new design style with the same color combination. 

Achromatopsia vision.png

Achromatopsia vision

Achromatomaly vision.png

Achromatomaly vision

Tritanopia vision.png

Tritanopia vision

Version A

A/B Testing

Based on the low fi wireframes, my teammate and I created two versions of mid fi prototypes. The purpose of this A/B testing is to compare and pick out the better option from the two versions of UI design and collect usability feedback to complete hi fi prototyping.

Testing Results Summary:

  • Version B has clearer images with yellow warm tone background that can make users' eyes more comfortable and be more willing to browse website. 

  • Order Now button Version B is easy to identify, but white text on button is sort of too light. 

  • Both A and B Navigation bar is clear, but user is confused with the difference between Pre-Order and Order Now button. 

  • Both A and B Search Bar can be shortened as an icon to have more space for Sign In button for maintaining royal customers. 

​ Version A
​ Version B

Version B

UI Design

Based on research, we built responsive web design for smartphone users. We noticed Tierra Mia might need to hire some employees urgently according to its original website, so we wanted to make it noticeable by adding this into navigation with yellow highlight.  Order Now button is catching the eyes of people that they can make an oder right away. Sign In button has been moved to Ads Bar at top to be less crowded with other icons on the right up corner. To solve users' pain points, we created Location (within hours inside with different addresses), Reservation, Review section and About Us section to give more branding introduction for new customers.  

This is the Web Design that I made

This is the Responsive Mobile Design that I made

The Desktop Hi fi prototyping

The mobile Hi fi prototyping

Usability Testing

After building up hi fi prototyping, I conducted several usability testings and gained insightful user comments. These valuable

feedback would become a huge help into the next stage of prototyping iteration.  

Example of Comments

User feedback

User feedback

Usability Testing

Future Steps 

At the end of this Tierra Mia Coffee Redesign project, we reached out to the store owner at Oakland.  He was very excited about our project and wanted to see the final prototypes after Covid-19 pandemic is gone. 

At the same time, here are some directions we might consider to take and polish our project in the fulture. 

  • A Reward Program to maintain royal customers with providing free coffee and food.

  • Develop Reservation feature on the website and build up Real-Time System which can update available spots instantly

  • Analyze the Conversion Rate and Returning Visitors for KPI.  

  • Need to make further research to see if necessary to build Mobile App.