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The Professional

                          Women's Sportswear

Mathilda: "Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid? "  

Léon: "Always like this."

                                                                                                  -- The Professional



The sportswear collection conveys the kind of culture of chic street fashion. The concept is mainly inspired by American movie The Professional.  The graphics and scripts on garments are based in the movie scenes, and associated with two leading roles, the plight little girl, Mathilda and the kind professional killer, Leon.  This collection is designed and made by myself, all-in-one produced from sketches, pattern making, fabric cutting and industrial sewing

This collection has been awarded the First Prize of Best Collection in my Senior Art Wear Show. In addition, it has been participated in different fashion shows and weeks in the US, such as The Pin Show, Passion for Fashion and so on, and it won a great attraction from audiences and society. 


2017 Look Book

Design Process & Development

Sports wear 12 pages-01.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-02.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-03.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-04.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-09.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-10.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-12.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-11.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-05.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-06.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-07.jpg
Sports wear 12 pages-08.jpg

Fashion Show & Press

Model: Jiaxin Xiong, Mengya Sun, Megan Miller, Rachel Tucker, Aubrey Hanson, Crystal Xiao, Shelby Flash, Emily Butler, Models from ATG, Models from The Pin Show.
Photographter: Minervahouse, Pinhan Lin, Shirley Shen, KT Shiue, The Pin Show, ATG Fashion for a Passion, Asian Media World, UNT.
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