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About Me


Jiani Chen is a bilingual, well-rounded San Francisco-based fashion designer with remarkable creativity and true craftsmanship. She received her bachelor degree of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas (UNT), majored in Fashion Design and minored in Fashion Merchandising. She has professional knowledge with garment design and technical skills. Her design emphasizes on apparel details, and focuses on fusion of artistic aesthetic and practical functions in a modern way.


When Jiani Chen was a four-year-old child, she exhausted numerous drawing boards as she frequently played around with the tools. This was how she started her way to become an artist. She is experienced in drawing and painting with multifarious materials for many years, and successfully combines the form of art and with her design. Having grown up in the diverse nation of China, Chen is inspired by Chinese splendid culture, which is visible throughout her design. Chen established her eponymous brand and formally launched her line in 2016.


Jiani Chen is best known for her movie-inspired collection influenced by Asian-style streetwear using graphic effects as well as text transmission. Chen created her story to express abstract emotions and chic attitude. She has joined The Pin Show as an Established Designer to showcase her 12 pieces of collection and her products were for sales at the Pin Show marketplace. Meanwhile, she also was invited to join the Against The Grain (ATG) Productions to showcase her line and donated her designed garments through stage auctions to support orphan children in Asia.


The goal of the brand is to break the boundaries between apparel appearance and human personality, and display the lifestyle of young generation. With her experiences and talents, Chen is looking to bring different cultural perspectives into the design industry in this new era.